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A lazy day in Sydney

semi-overcast 21 °C

Today was overcast and a bit chilly. Lisa and I slept in and just spent a lazy day walking around and doing some shopping. I'm desparate to find some new flip flops. Mine are crap. We ended up at Darling Harbor at the Outback center. They have a diggereedoo (I don't know how to spell it) demonstration where a guy teaches you all about playing and the history of the instrument. It was really informative and fun. Lisa and I tried to play one but it's a lot harder then it looks. All we could do is make this sort of farting noise on it. Not quite so nice :). That's about it today. We're leaving tomorrow night for a fun 14 hour bus trip to byron bay. I'm looking forward to the beach. I hope the weather warms up a bit.

Since our time in Sydney is coming to a close I thought it would be fun to list some of the things that happened to us that pissed us or other people off at the time but are sure funny now.

1) At the airport the girl at the desk sent our luggage down the shoot witout putting tags on them. She then sent down a little note to the guys loading the baggage "Hey there, can you put these tags on the two backpacks, thanks". Thankfully we did get our bags.

2) Seeing the remnants of a fight at the zoo... who would fight at the zoo??

3) Going to Manly beach and hanging out on the harbor side of the place thinking that was the only beach. We ended up finding the oceanside an hour before we had to leave. We've learned to stop at tourist info spots and get a map before we do anything.

4) Locking ourselves out of our room at 8pm New Year's Eve while in our towels. Thankfully the manager was downstairs at the bar getting drunk and came up to let us in.

5) I was woken up at 4 in the moring New Year's Day by one of our drunk roomates banging on the door. When I get up to open it for him he says to me "about f###ing time" and walks in. He does not remember doing that.

6) Standing in a 20 minute line to go to the movies and when we're the next ones up to pay decide that we don't want to see a movie anymore.

7) While walking down George street from the Rocks and Italian tourist asks us where the bars are at the Rocks. Just coming from there I point west and Lisa points North and we both say no I'm sure that's the way. We proceeded to fight with each other about which way it was. Poor guy I'm sure he was sorry he asked us :).

Well Sydney has been interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing more of australia.

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Sydney the week continues...

Aquarium and Blue Mtns.


I love the Sydney Aquarium! It makes me want to start a salt water fishtank of my own. Lisa and I took a walk down to Darling Harbor and the aquarium yesterday since it was crappy weather. The line to get in was enormous but we stuck it out and got in. I'm so glad we did. On top of all the really neat sea life they had on display they have a series of underwater tunnels where you can see seals, sharks and other sea creatures in their habitats. There were huge sharks with sharp teeth swimming right over my head it was amazing! I wish everyone could have seen it. I did get a great picture of the shark as it was coming toward me...scary!!! The last exhibit was a huge fishtank that mimicked the Great Barrier Reef's environment. It had a huge glass veiwing area where you could sit and watch all the colorful fish swimming in the tank complete with background music. I could have sat there for hours. My favorite fish was the clownfish becuase I love the movie Finding Nemo so much.

The weather had cleared up while we were in the aquarium so we decided to take a walk down to the Rocks. The Rocks is an area in Sydney where the first British convicts and settlers landed and began to settle Austrlalia. There is a lot of old architecture there. It's a really neat neighborhood filled with tons of interesting Australian History. There were live bands playing in a couple of bars so we did a bit of a pub crawl to listen to them. The first band we saw consisted of a guitar player/singer and a drummer. He was taking requested so I requested Creedance the song Proud Mary. It was really funny becuase the singer lost his australian accent when he sang. He also played some older Australian bands which I had never heard before like Dragon. It was good. We even had a drink at the oldest bar in Sydney. It was very fun. We ended our day back in the hostel and got a good night sleep becuase we were waking up early to go to Katoomba a town at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

We got up at 7 this morning and hopped on a train heading for Katoomba. It was about a 2 hour ride. The town was really cute filled with antique shops. It was a half hour walk to the park. We did about a 7k hike around the park. We did a cliff walk where we saw beautiful views of the mountains and then down into the vally which is a rainforest. I was so beautiful I found it hard to believe I was actually here.It could have been a movie set. We ended our hike by walking up the Giant Staircase. This is a 900 step staircase leading up the side of the mountain. It was tough but we made it. I totally exhausted now. I'm about ready for bed. Tomorrow we've planned a lazy day. We're staying in Sydney and running some errands. Thurday night we leave for Byron Bay.

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The first few days...


Sorry it's taken me so long to get this started but I've been busy trying to organize myself and seeing all the sights Sydney has to offer. Our flight was very long but pretty uneventful. I actually got some sleep on the flight from England to Singapore. We arrive in Sydney at 6 in the morning and jumped on a train to the center of the city. Thankfully our hostel is only 3 blocks from the station so we didn't have to lug our heavy bags too far. I'm really impressed with Sydney, it's clean, safe and the people are so friendly. The architecture is really beautiful as well. My favorite place here is teh Royal Botannic Gardens. It's a bit like central park, however the grounds are maintained amazingly and it's on the waterfront over looking the Sydney Opera House and the bridge. We've been spending a lot of time there.

We also went to the Zoo for the day. The Zoo is really neat becuase you have to take a ferry to get there (which is a trip in itself... amazing views of the harbor) and once you are there you take this sky lift to the Zoo entrance (more amazing views). The zoo was different from the ones back home. It had a lot of native Australian animals like kangaroos, koala, echindnas etc... but my favorite exhibit was of the roosters and the spotted deer :). The giraffe pen overlooked sydney at the top of this hill. I got a really great picture of the giraffes head and in the background is Sydney Harbor. While we were at the zoo we witnessed three very odd things... 1) by the giraffe exhibit we sat down to rest and some guy comes up the path screaming at some person threatening them as he's walking away. 2) about thirty minutes later an ambulance drives by us as we're walking. We follow it and see some guy on the ground holding his head with a bunch of people around him. 3) As we were walking by the seals we overhear two zoo workers say they had to get extra security to break it up. Well we surmised from these three incidences that there must have been a fight at the zoo. How ridiculous is that! Fighting at the zoo is like fighting at Disney Land it's the happiest place on earth! It this guy fights at the zoo I wouldn't want to meet him on the street!

We also made it to Manly Beach... a famous beach about 7 miles outside of Sydney by ferry. We had a little troubel figuring out where the beach was but once we found it it was amazing. The sand is so fine here. The waves were really cool too... people were surfing. That trip allowed us to work on our tans.

The weather up to that point had been terrific in the 80's sunny with a nice cool breeze. We couldn't have asked for better days. The sun is really strong here and my head got pretty badly sunburnt one day... I have bought a hat. Yesterday was absolutely horrible... I think it must have reached 45C which is about 110 fahrenheit. It was humid and you would just sit and sweat. We couldn't move at all yesterday the heat was oppressive so we spent the day in our hostel with fans blowing hot air at us or in the mall across the street from us. It was so hot that my chocolate santa bars have melted into liquid. The heat finally broke last night around 3am when a thunderstorm hit. Today it is drizzling and only 20C about 68 Fahrenheit. Over a 20C degree change overnight! We were planning on heading to the blue mountains today but due to the crappy weather we're postponing it until tomorrow. The Blue Mountains is a national park just 2 hours outside of Sydney. We're going to the town of Katoomba to see some famous landmarks like the 3 sisters. Today we're going to really expore the town, we're planning on going to the Rocks, Hyde Park and the aquarium today.

I'll try to update this a couple of times a week. it will be hard once we start our journy up the east coast but I'll do my best.

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